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We understand a client's need for highly qualified, expertly trained medical professionals. With access to numerous medical and administrative professionals, we are able to quickly fill requests with highly qualified personnel. We are able to serve you with personalized attention 24-hours a day, seven days a week and we collaborate with customers to build cost-effective solutions. Our employee-client matching program supports our focus on recruiting, hiring and training remarkable employees to meet the needs of each individual client.

Likewise, we work with medical professionals to find medical jobs and employment opportunities that fit their personality and their needs. Atlanta Healthcare, LLC, prides itself on offering competitive compensation and benefits, employee incentives, recognition, and extensive training to meet the diverse needs of all professionals. We know that your hard work contributes to our success and your value to our company deserves the very best we can offer. Atlanta Healthcare, LLC, recognizes that to achieve your personal best, you need the resources to protect and care for you and your family.

We are able to attract high-quality medical professionals by offering a wide range of benefits and our staffing team provides each candidate with personal attention, ensuring that they are carefully screened and qualified before matching them with the perfect position.

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Our team of specialized RNs, LPN/LVNs, CNAs and HHAs are ready to serve your clients’ needs in nursing & rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, hospitals, physician offices, medical clinics and private settings.

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